Alhy Berry Photography

Alhy Berry Photography

We'd like to welcome new member Alhy Berry Photography!

Alhy's favorite photos are truly candid shots in natural light when she is able to catch a fleeting smile flickering across a face or a thoughtful moment reflected in a gaze: Alhy tries to combine a fine art sensibility with the unguarded expressions she is on the lookout for in her subjects. Alhy would rather have the viewer feel an emotion from her photographs than think “what a perfect composition.” Toward that goal, she might not show a person fully in a shot, or she might let movement blur the image a bit. The point is not perfection, it’s communication. Alhy doesn't want to simply “freeze” the moment in a documentary way; she wants to convey a sliver of history, a little piece of immortality.

17 Main St, Irvington, NY
(914) 522-9863