The Little Red

The Little Red was developed by Anna Milner-Tritt to bring a diverse, fun,and inspiring set of toddler & me classes to the rivertowns of Westchester. 

Anna is an Early Childhood Teacher/Specialist, who graduated with her Masters from NYU in Early Childhood Education and a Certificate in Creative Art Therapy from The New School for Social Research.  She spent 6 years teaching Pre-K and K in the NYC DOE public school system, and has two young children of her own (ages 2+ and 4+).  Anna believes that play is the invaluable work of children and that a positive first learning experience is vital in setting up a lifelong love of education, creativity, and curiosity.  She believes parents are the first teacher a child will have.  Therefore, it is important to provide classes to build that bond between grown-up and child; to scaffold the pre-academic learning through the play, creative arts, and movement environments.  She also understands firsthand how grown-ups also need an outlet outside of the home to help their infant/toddler grow and develop; both together, with other like-minded adults, and with a little bit of separation.  Through her love of the development and learning that takes place in the early toddler/childhood years, she built The Little Red - a Toddler Learning Center to bring this outlet of fun, inspiring classes to the rivertowns, to create happy grown-ups and happy littles.

The Little Red is a modern toddler learning center offering diverse, innovative, and stimulating classes for grown-ups and littles to explore, imagine and create together.